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Pupil Feedback
"What we learn in the classroom feels more real now that we can see how it works in the real world"

"Forestry and Rural Skills were great for me. Then I had a work placement. That's when I knew I wanted to be a gamekeeper.
And now I am."
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Work Experience

The Work Experience scheme is one of the many very important opportunities which the Queensberry Initiative offers to the pupils of Wallace Hall Academy. We try very hard to tailor the work placement to the pupil's individual career plans and this has proved very successful with both the students and the businesses that support our scheme.

We try to ensure that all of our S4, S5 and S6 leavers get the opportunity of a placement during their leaving year. We feel that this must be relevant to their academic achievements and their future career plans and therefore the pupils get a chance to have a discussion with one of the QI staff who in turn are able to match the pupil with one of our business partners. This has resulted in pupils working in medicine at D& G Royal Infirmary, attending court with criminal lawyers, working in local schools and nurseries, getting hands on in Agricultural Engineering and experiencing dairy, beef, sheep and pig farming. These are just a few of the opportunities that have been given to our students and of course these experiences are valuable when students are completing university/college applications, completing CV's and competing for jobs which are invariably outnumbered by applicants. We are all aware that employers are always looking for previous experience and our work placement scheme addresses these issues for our young people.

The placements enable the pupils to work within the wider community and give them a taste of employment and its requirements, including punctuality, dress code and interaction with the general public. The scheme is a learning process for everyone involved and also helps us build good relationships with our communities and with employers.