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Pupil Feedback
"What we learn in the classroom feels more real now that we can see how it works in the real world"

"Forestry and Rural Skills were great for me. Then I had a work placement. That's when I knew I wanted to be a gamekeeper.
And now I am."
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Outdoor Activity Groups

The QI Outdoor Activity Groups have been set up to support students who may benefit from a structured programme to help them move successfully to their next stage of education and to assist their development in the Four Capacities: to enable each child or young person to be a successful learner, a confident individual, a responsible citizen and an effective contributor. These groups are an innovative programme, using the Outdoor Classroom to promote Skills for Learning, Life and Work.

We have piloted a transition programme that has now been expanded to five groups from P7 to S4. The young people involved in our Outdoor Activity Groups undertake several sessions at Queensberry Estate, approximately one session per month, concentrating on building their confidence, their team work and their ability to cope with new challenges.

The students taking part from our cluster primary schools are identified by the class teacher and agreed with parents as benefiting by an enhanced transition programme in the final year of primary school to get ready for the 'Big School' next year. As part of the Queensberry Initiative the group has the opportunity to visit the secondary on a monthly basis in the run up to joining the school, having the chance to try out some of the new subjects they will be undertaking once at the school. This is on top of the outdoor sessions at the Queensberry Estate where we work on helping them to feel more confident and to make new friends.

The S1 group is a continuation of the group from P7 building on the skills they have gained from being part of the P7 group. Membership is also invited from pupils who did not participate in the P7 programme. These skills are built on further with continued use of the Queensberry Estate with team building activities and interviews each term to track progress.

We plan out the year to encourage involvement in all areas of school life with a mix of outdoor and indoor sessions. We hope to build confidence in these young people to enable them to meet their full potential throughout their school years as they begin working in a more intense way in the secondary school curriculum.

With this group alongside building on the skills formed throughout their outdoor sessions we hope to start getting them thinking about some ideas of what they plan to do after school and start working towards those targets.

This group has been identified as they are considering leaving school within this year or early in S5.. Our aim is to expose this group to different working environments through work placements and through site visits. We also work on confidence building, CV writing and interview skills. This again is achieved in part through outdoor lessons in coaching and teamwork.